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Walk and Talk Therapy London

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Walk and Talk therapy sessions are offered individually (adults 18+) at Hyde Park or St. James's Park London. The health benefits of spending time outdoors are well known and combining it with Psychotherapy or Outdoor Therapy provide us with metaphors through which our emotional difficulties can be explored symbolically. Psychotherapy may enable a greater awareness and understanding of one's emotions and the impact of past experiences. Research also indicates that physical activity can improve both physical and mental health and can reduce levels of anxiety or depression.

Hyde Park or St. James’s Park London maps are available at the following links:

My therapeutic approach is rooted in Psychodynamic therapy which is based upon ways of relating in normal life and reflects qualities of attention and empathy which bring comfort and relieve mental pain. My practice is also informed by aspects of Humanistic and Client-centred therapy that enables the client to tell their story. By providing a non-judgemental environment clients are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings freely, enabling clients to gain new perspectives on old or new issues.

For further information or bookings please contact me at:

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